Steve Cole’s in our Cook Book!

To give you a taster (#AwesomeFoodJoke) of our forthcoming cook book. Yesterday I made contact with the lovely Steve Cole on Twitter. Steve had sent us a recipe ages ago and was chuffed to bits that the recipe was finally making it to print on page 84 (with his pic on the cover as well), Steve posted….

“84 is my lucky number! And nice to see myself in the collage, bottom left – man, that costume was a tight squeeze”
(pic bottom left on the cover is actual our That Spidey-Tastic Superhero !! Steve is actually bottom right 😂)

Steve has got 2 new books out “Dr Who Time Lord Victorious” and the excellent “World Burn Down”. He’s also on Twitter @SteveColeBooks so do check him out and follow and all that stuff if you can.

Alongside being a lovely chap… a great author of everything from the Young Bond (James) series to the Astrosaurs, he also bakes a cracking Muffin!

More to come, the Ducklings x

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